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Rhagoriaeth Gwybodaeth ym Mhowys

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Taken from 'How can towns in Wales get better at using data' report by Urban Foresight

Powys County Council has taken a strategic approach to introducing data-driven processes to their area. Their Digital Powys programme was funded by the Welsh Government for three years; it is now in its fourth year and funded through the Council’s internal transformation funding.

In 2019, the Council published a Digital Transformation Strategy, which sets out a vision of “embracing new technologies” to improve service delivery and customer experiences through a focus on openly available data, upskilling and infrastructure development. The strategy is structured across five core workstreams that aim to provide:

  1. Digital solutions that are designed around user needs.
  2. Digital services to support communities and businesses 24 hours a day.

Which will be enabled by:

  1. Information excellence; high-quality and accessible
  2. data to inform decision-making.
  3. A digitally skilled workforce.
  4. A robust digital infrastructure to enable council
  5. employees to carry out their roles efficiently.

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