Action Plans

Guidance from the Transforming Towns framework states that projects need to be part of an overarching plan -

“A key and important consideration for Welsh Government is that there is a strategic plan in place for a designated town centre. This plan should be bottom up, community driven and needs to involve key partners such as BIDs, Town and Community Councils and local third sector organisations amongst other local groups.” [further guidance on Transforming Towns can be found here]

One of the first steps on your journey to becoming a Smart Town should be to identify if such plans already exist, or to start putting a plan together.

This involves working with a wide range of stakeholders and identifying the town’s main priorities or issues which need to be addressed.

Below you can find examples of Action Plans for towns across Wales.

Don’t see your town here? Get in touch with us at smarttowns@mentermon.com to find out how you can get started!

Owen Davies Placemaking Plans

As part of the Year of Smart Towns, 10 action plans were created by placemaking consultancy Owen Davies. These plans include an overview of the town centre’s characteristics, plans and partnerships, a strategic digital review of the town and a digital place assessment, before setting priorities for the town and presenting a plan of action.
You can find case studies based on these plans here

Action plans produced by Owen Davies

Action Plans reviewed by the Smart Towns Team

To date, we have delivered ‘Become a Smart Town’ workshops to over 60 town across Wales. Following these workshops many towns have pulled together to form a Smart Team and have created their own action plan in order to apply for funding and work towards becoming a Smart Town.

Our Smart Team have reviewed these plans and included our suggestions, and we continue to offer this service and ongoing support.

You can find a template for your own action plan here:

Action plans reviewed by YOST

Please get in touch with smarttowns@mentermon.com if you would like any support.

Action Plans produced by Smart Gwynedd a Môn

Smart Gwynedd a Môn is a project by Menter Môn funded by Anglesey and Gwynedd County councils. Following the installation of high street WiFi in high streets across the two counties, workshops are being held with towns in order to produce action plans to continue their development as Smart Towns. If you would like to join a Smart Team in Anglesey or Gwynedd please get in touch with smartgwyneddamon@mentermon.com