Discover Data for Welsh Towns

Data is an invaluable tool for communities, businesses, and public authorities to develop local economies and services. That’s’ why SMART Towns Wales has produced a full audit of available data relevant to Welsh Towns.

Research by the Welsh Government found that many towns make limited use of their data.

This was attributed to a lack of knowledge of what data is available and where it can be found. This led SMART Towns Wales to work with place-based consultancy Urban Foresight to audit all the available data which could provide useful to Welsh towns.

By making this public data accessible and easy to interpret, decision makers can plan future resources, public services and targeting services more efficiently.

Over 170 different datasets have been analysed and collated into various subgroups which can be accessed through the free online tool below.

tablet with graphs and data


As well as the data tool, a report has been produced which gives background to the project, as well as highlights some key recommendations for public sector and private organisations. To access the report see below.